Mastering Relationship Skills: From Social Media to Real Life


Do you feel dating has become so complex these days?

It's almost as if our online existence judges our entire life.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, it IS!

If that overwhelms or discourages you, don’t worry.

In this training, you’ll learn how to leverage social media to make new friends and business partners and date gorgeous women.

Yes - instead of admiring her from afar, liking and posting, or worse - trying to find out if she has Onlyfans- you’ll learn how to get her to message you!

Meet Ashkhan Beheshti - a high-level personal brand mentor helping men craft attractive online personal brands.

In this enlightening training session, Ashkhan covers navigating today's dating culture, focusing significantly on optimizing your Instagram to attract friends and potential romantic partners.

You’ll learn insider tips for creating a convincing Instagram profile, complete with real-life experiences of successful social interactions and insights into how beautiful women (yes- those “Instagram Models”) think.

You’ll learn about the importance of conversational skills and rapport-building in social settings and the principle of personal branding.

You’ll also deep dive into the concept of the indirect game, why maintaining a strategic friendship approach is impressive to high-quality women

This training is perfect for those seeking to improve their social media and real-life relationship skills.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Instagram or Real Life: Which should you focus on?
  • Deep Dive into Instagram Strategy
  • Overcoming Fear of Rejection
  • Improving Social Skills in Group Settings
  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety and Building a Social Circle
  • Creating Comfort and Attractiveness in Social Settings
  • The Importance of Remembering Names
  • Building Comfort in the Environment
  • Approaching Groups of Women
  • The Art of Starting Conversations
  • The Strategy of Indirect Game
  • The Power of Observational Openers (It's the most generic cheesy shit you've ever heard in your life...)
  • The Power of Being Friends with Beautiful Women
  • Choosing the Right Woman for a Monogamous Relationship: How To Figure out Which Beautiful Woman in Your Group You Should Date
  •  The Benefits of Building a Personal Brand